I have a love/hate relationship with working at home. I love it because, well, what’s not to love about wearing sweatpants and slippers to work?

But I hate it because sometimes it feels unfocused and inefficient. Not to mention the fact that working at home means I sometimes feel like I’m always working. And if I’m not, I feel like I should be.

Entrepreneur.com has a great post today about staying productive and in touch when you work from home. It’s well worth a read, although I don’t think I agree with #3. I like to prepare my to-do list the night before, otherwise I have trouble sleeping, because I worry that I’ll forget something important.

What tips have you learned about working from home that keep you efficient and productive? Share in the comments.




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    My To-Do list does not have a time when I ‘get it ready’ – not the night before, not the morning of.

    For me, I am constantly updating an ongoing list that I have. It is a combination of a scheduler and a Get Things done list. As something comes up, I add it to the list 9and give it a date). I use a software package that was recommended by a good friend (you!).

    I do review it in the morning to see what is coming up for the day, as well as take a peek at the week ahead.

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    I think for me the hardest to keep is #8.

    As for #3, I’m totally opposite. Evenings are an exceptionally busy time for me especially now school is starting back. Once I start preparing dinner, it means a few hours spent with the family – eating, catching up with hubby, helping kids with homework, minor housekeeping to get the house (particularly the kitchen sink since I hate waking up to sink load of dishes) ready for the next day. It’s just a lot of little family/life things.

    When I do get to jump back on the computer I’m usually done and prefer to simply finish off the day’s task.

    I work better when I start the day with a list of things to do. Sometimes, through the day I would pencil in the things to do for the next day. Guess in some ways I’m sort of like Paul :)

    #5 is where I begin to have issues with articles like these. It’s very general. While I do my best to have a semblance of a schedule, I often cannot keep things to the minute everyday. Some days I have to get the kids from school because they are sick. Some days they have activities to be at and look who gets the privilege to attend :)

    When they are off school, I have to change up my schedule so in reality I have two schedules. One for school days one for breaks/holidays.

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