What’s Your Excuse?


Are These Excuses Holding You Back from Real Business Success?

“I can’t spend time marketing my business because I have to help the kids with their homework/bake cookies for church/brush the dog/name your distraction here.”

“I can’t find a new client because I don’t know where to look/I don’t know anyone who needs a VA/I don’t know how to do what they want/I’m no good at interviews.”

“I can’t make a better looking website because I don’t know how/I can’t afford to hire someone/I don’t have time.”

I have personally used about every excuse in the book to keep me from moving forward in my business. It’s easy to do when kids are making you crazy, life is stressful, and you have a million other things on your mind. The problem with those excuses is that you eventually start to believe what you tell yourself and that’s where the real issues begin.

Excuses become self-fulfilling prophecies. If you believe that your lack of contacts is holding you back, then you will subconsciously avoid seeking out new contacts. If you feel you can’t afford a hosting account so you can set up your own website, then even if the money shows up, you’ll find someplace else to spend it.

Banish Those Excuses and Redirect Your Energy

Think about the excuses that you allow yourself to believe. How can you turn that negative thought process around and instead come up with a solution to your problem?

Not enough time to market your business? Get up 30 minutes earlier every day and write a blog post. This most passive form of marketing has brought me more clients than you would believe, and I don’t even work at it!

Don’t know anyone who needs a VA? Go out (either virtually or in real life) and meet more people. Tell them what you do. Ask for referrals.

Not sure what to include in your website to turn it into a client magnet? Spend a few minutes every day studying the websites of other successful VAs.

I’ve found that if I write down my goals that i want to accomplish the day before, it always seems easier to follow through. I don’t overwhelm myself with a to-do list that is crazy long. Instead I break it down into four categories : Personal, Business, Financial, and Minimalism. I list about 3 things that I would like to accomplish that day in each category.

For example, in my personal goals section I might put that I want to listen to a 30 minute podcast or read 30 minutes of a book that’s been on my reading list. Business might be writing a blog post, scheduling an interview for a podcast, or working on my website.

The point isn’t to overwhelm yourself, but to give you a kickstart so that those excuses don’t have a chance to catch up to you.

Your Business Success is Up To You

Here’s the truth no one is telling you: When you make an excuse for your lack of success, you’re making a choice. You’re choosing to allow that thing to hold you back. You can either choose to find a way around your obstacles, or grab a tub of chocolate chip ice cream and feel sorry for yourself.

Which one will you do today?

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