How to Turn Your Virtual Assistant Website Into a
Client Attracting Machine

It’s often the first impression of you that potential clients have, and it has one job: To compel the visitor to contact you.

We’re talking about your website, of course, but too often it’s the last thing VAs spend time on.

That’s a mistake, because your website has the power to:

  • Let potential clients know that you are a professional business owner.
  • Show off your expertise and skills.
  • Sell your products and services.
  • Put you in front of a larger audience.
  • Attract your perfect client.

Why Most Virtual Assistant Websites Get it Wrong

It’s not your fault. We’re not born knowing how to create a website that works. But it is a skill that can be learned.

If your site is making any of these common mistakes, you’re losing clients…

  • Your market to message mismatch is attracting the wrong crowd (you may not even be aware that you’re doing this)
  • There’s no clear indication of who your ideal client is (hint: it’s not “everyone”)
  • No one can tell you’re actually selling something (this happens more than you might think)
  • Your visitors are too distracted to buy (it might surprise you how often you’re inviting your visitors to leave your site)
  • There’s no call to action (just because you know what to do next doesn’t mean your visitor does)

The good news? All these issues and more are easily fixable, once you know what you’re looking for!

It’s Time to Give Your Virtual Assistant Website a Makeover

Whether you’re just starting out or  you’ve been in business for a while, chances are your website is not doing everything it can to attract new clients. In this course, we’ll take a look at the most common trouble spots so you can turn your business site into a client magnet, including:

  • 5 essential pages every virtual assistant site must have (and 2 you can throw right in the trash)
  • The number one mistake VAs make on their websites – and what to do instead
  • How to create service packages your clients will gladly buy
  • How to build a mailing list you can tap for cash on demand when work is slow
  • Websites 101 – including what to look for in a domain name, how to create a site in minutes, and how to add a professional look on a newbie budget

Plus, you’ll receive the Website Checkup Worksheet to help you look at your site with a fresh set of eyes and quickly eliminate the problem areas that are holding you back.

sheri-prest-herman-headshot-300x300Cindy Bidar’s, “Virtual Assistant Website Makeover” program is a super resource for Virtual Assistants, especially those seeking step-by-step direction. It’s jam-packed with valuable, easy to follow information including what a well-rounded VA website should and shouldn’t include, best practices, blog post brainstorming, email setup and MORE! In addition to the quality of these materials, there is an impressive quantity that includes video, audio, and text.

My personal favorite is the AWESOME “Website Maintenance Checklist.” This invaluable list walks you through what needs to be done (and when) to maintain a smooth-running website. I’m pleased and impressed that every piece of content has provided me with many ideas to implement on my own website.

Thanks, Cindy!

Sheri Prest-Herman

Bonus #1

iphone-vaBlogging for VAs Audio Program with Blog Post Brainstorm Worksheet

Find out the real reasons you must have a blog on your site (it’s probably not what you think), how to set up your blog for maximum effectiveness, plus how to avoid the most common blogging mistakes.

In addition, you’ll get a printable blog post brainstorming worksheet to help you develop a never-ending list of ideas for blog posts that will not only attract your ideal client, but compel them to take action.

Bonus #2

AWeber email list setup guide, including:

  • Video walkthrough of the AWeber interface to get you up and running quickly and help you make sense of the terminology so you can avoid confusion
  • The Educated VA Guide to Creating Better Opt-In Forms – because you don’t have to be stuck with what AWeber gives you
  • The Educated VA Guide to AWeber Mailing List Setup, including a printable funnel checklist and customizable HTML templates

Bonus #3

 Worksheet: What to Mail Your List

If you’ve procrastinated about building a mailing list because you don’t know how to keep in touch with them, this is your answer.

With 31 reasons to mail your current and potential customers, you’ll easily be able to contact your mailing list at least once per week, and virtually never run out of things to say.

Bonus #4

 Checklist: Must-Do Maintenance to Keep Your Website Healthy

Now that you’ve put all the work into building a fantastic website, you need to take steps to protect it from disaster. The Must-Do Maintenance Checklist will help you stay on top of critical website tasks such as…

  • Protecting it from malicious hackers
  • Preventing catastrophic data loss
  • Reducing server load so your site runs faster (Google counts this as increasingly important)
  • Providing a better user experience and presenting a professional appearance


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If the Virtual Assistant Website Makeover Program does not help you improve your website, simply email me within 30 days, and I’ll quickly refund your entire purchase price. No questions asked.

It really is that simple. 

Make Sure Their First Impression is a Great One

Don’t let potential customers walk away just because your website isn’t doing its job. With a small investment in time and energy, you can turn your virtual assistant website into a professional, attractive, easy-to-navigate site that not only gets attention, but works to actively attract the clients you want to work with most.

For a limited time, you can grab your copy of
The Virtual Assistant Website Makeover Program
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You’ll get:

  • 48-minute video detailing the components of a solid VA website and how to avoid the most common mistakes
  • The website checkup checklist to help you see your site through the eyes of your visitor
  • The must-do maintenance checklist and schedule to help keep your site safe and trouble-free
  • The Blogging for Virtual Assistants audio program + Blog Post Brainstorm Worksheet
  • The AWeber setup guides and videos to help you build your mailing list quickly and easily
  • The What to Mail My List worksheet to ensure you never run out of reasons to stay in contact with your mailing list

It’s everything new and established VAs need to create a professional website that not only works to attract new clients, but also helps them to build a more profitable business.

Download Today for Just $27