Open House ~ Day 4

Happy Thursday Everyone and Welcome to Day 4 of the Educated VA Open House!

Congratulations to yesterdays DAILY giveaway winner, Gina Wagner!

As a reminder, this week we are doing a daily giveaway of one of the Educated VA products ~ simply subscribe to the Educated VA newsletter, like the Facebook page, and share these posts for more chances to win!

We are getting close to wrapping everything up this week and I am super excited about the offer I have of you today.

When I came across this “Virtual Assistant Bootcamp” offered by Cindy Bidar a few years ago, I had already had some experience as a VA but still wasn’t gaining much traction in my business (and getting more and more frustrated by the minute)

There were so many things that confused and overwhelmed me from setting up my website correctly, to finding the right types of clients, to putting systems into place to make my life easier. I just didn’t have the step by step knowledge to know how to proceed.

That’s where the Build a Rockin VA Biz Bootcamp comes in!  It took the guesswork out of all my confusion and guided me in the right direction.

That is why I’m so glad I can offer you the same “self-study” version of the program for an extremely discounted price this week only.

Build a Rockin VA Biz Bootcamp

$47 this week only!

Discover How You Can Build a Rockin’ VA Biz in Just 3 Weeks and Take Control of Your Income and Your Future

It sounds like a dream gig, doesn’t it? As a virtual assistant, you get to work from home, on your own schedule, doing work you love for clients who adore you.

But all too often, what really happens is you struggle to make a consistent income, don’t know how to find new clients when you really need them, and end up working far too hard for the money you make.

If you’re struggling to build a solid, consistent business, and you know your talents are worth more than you currently earn, Build a Rockin’ VA Biz Bootcamp has the answers.

Not Another Beginner’s Course

This is not a course for those who are looking to land their first client.

Build a Rockin’ VA Biz Bootcamp is designed to help working VAs ramp up their business by attracting and keeping the right clients. Clients who will pay you well to be an integral part of their business.

If you…

  • Have a couple of clients but can’t easily find more work when you need it
  • Take on work you don’t like to do because you need the cash
  • Suffer through drastic income ups and downs
  • Worry that losing a single client could put you in the poor house
  • Or simply want to create a business you’ll love to wake up to every single day
    …then Build a Rockin’ VA Biz Bootcamp is for you.

Three Weeks of Focused Study

Build a Rockin’ VA Biz Bootcamp is organized into three weekly modules, and each one is designed to improve a different area of your business.

In addition to the recordings,  you’ll receive related worksheets, checklists, and additional training material to help you complete the tasks assigned to you.

Week One: Your Virtual Storefront – How to Turn Your Website Into a Client Attracting Machine

Even though you’ve been in business for a while, your website is likely not doing everything it can to attract new clients.

In week one, you will take a look at the most common trouble spots so you can turn your business site into a client magnet, including:

  • 5 essential pages every virtual assistant site must have (and 2 you can throw right in the trash)
  • The number one mistake VAs make on their websites – and what to do instead
  • How to create service packages your clients will gladly buy
  • How to build a mailing list you can tap for cash on demand when work is slow

You’ll also receive:

Bonus Video: AWeber Email List Setup
Bonus Worksheet: Blog Post Brainstorm
Bonus Worksheet: What to Mail Your List

Week Two: Become a Valued Partner – Earn More with Less Effort

In week two, you will see how you can become an integral part of your client’s team.

When you move from the position of task doer into the role of trusted adviser, you’ll not only cement your relationship, you’ll also increase your income.

This week you will take a look at:

  • 6 steps to identifying your ideal client, because a good match helps ensure a long-term relationship
  • How to make the move from task doer to problem solver – and get paid accordingly
  • Protecting your most valuable asset – your integrity – and the mistakes that will cost you clients
  • Making room for more – how (and when) to let go of clients who aren’t a good fit
  • How to conjure new work out of thin air (almost)
  • Why a client knowledgebase is your most valuable tool – and what to include in yours

Week Two also includes:

Bonus Worksheet: Identifying Your Ideal Client
Bonus Checklist: Top Resources for Well Informed VAs

Week Three: Building Your Business – How to Create an Automated Referral System that Ensures a Steady Flow of New Work

Week Three is all about making it easier for you to grow your business.

Too often, we waste time reinventing the wheel, when a few hours spent setting up a system early on can pay off big in the long run.

In this week’s session:

  • How to systematize your referral process to save you time and increase effectiveness
  • How to test and track your service offerings to create in-demand offers
  • When and how to follow up with potential and even former clients to keep a steady stream of work coming in
  • When and why to consider upgrading to a shopping cart and affiliate program

In Week three you will also receive:

Bonus Email Templates: Price Increase, New Services, Testimonial Request and more
Bonus Checklist: Feedback Survey Setup
Bonus Worksheet: Affiliate Program Comparison

Build a Rockin’ VA Biz Bootcamp

Includes the 3-week Bootcamp program with recorded training sessions, worksheets and access to our private Facebook group.

Don’t keep struggling to in your VA business ~ take part in the Bootcamp experience today!

Remember to subscribe to the Educated VA newsletter, like the Facebook page, and share for more chances to win our DAILY giveaway! Thursday’s winner to be announced later this evening so keep an eye out for that!

Have an awesome day!!

~ Kristin

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