Most of my business is based on hourly work. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, and I’m happy with the rates I charge.

But there are still only so many hours in the day, and that means that my income is limited. Maybe you’ve run into that yourself.

Here’s how to start moving away from that model and into a more profitable, less labor intensive business: Package your services.

Why Packages Work for VAs

It’s pretty simple, really – the more experience you have, the faster you will work. Getting paid by the hour in this case might mean you actually earn less money as you get better at your job. That’s crazy, right?

But when you package your services, you are getting paid not for the time you spend on a project, but for the knowledge and expertise you bring to the job.

Why Packages Work for Your Clients

Quite often, your clients will not know exactly what’s involved in a particular project. What seems simple and quick to them might in fact involve several hours of work. When you offer a package price rather than an hourly charge, it can be easier for them to understand. Not only that, but since the cost is fixed, it’s easier to budget for.

Learn How to Create Packages

My friend Angela Wills of is hosting a live training course this coming Wednesday, August 13th at 9pm Eastern (yes, there will be a recording) to teach you the strategies and techniques she used in her own business to:

  • Lock down her minimum monthly income goal with just one client.
  • Shave up to five hours off website design services while providing major value to her clients.
  • Become an expert in her chosen niche allowing her to charge more and work LESS.
  • Provide a highly valuable service to her clients using a talented team to do the work while she earned a portion of all work.

Profiting with Packages is a steal at $47, but I’ve got an even better deal for you, so keep reading for a coupon code and your chance to get in free.

Three Ways to Win

Angela very generously offered two free seats to this webinar for me to give away to my readers. Here’s how you can enter (you don’t need to do all of these, but the more you do, the better your chances):

  • Like the Facebook page here.
  • Comment on this post and either share a tip for creating packages or ask a question about it. I’ll even get Angela over here to answer your questions.
  • Click to Tweet: Work less and earn more? Count me in!  via @cindybidar #virtualassistant

The winner will be drawn at random from the eligible entries on Monday at 8pm. I’ll contact the winners privately with the coupon code and update this post as well.

UPDATE: And the Winners Are…

Avery Wilmer & Christine Field

Thanks everyone for joining in! I’ll contact both the winners by email with your coupon codes.

Save $20 Right Now

If you don’t win, or if you just can’t wait to register, you can save $20 when you sign up before Monday at midnight Eastern and use coupon code beastar at checkout.

CLICK HERE to register.

So tell me – have you used packages in your virtual assistant business? Or do you have questions about making them work? Share in the comments for a chance to win a free registration to Profiting with Packages.


  1. says

    I want to add a crazy amount of value for my clients but I also want to earn good money. So this is just the answer I’ve been looking for! My question is how many packages should you offer? I saw one site that offered 5 or 6 packages for their services. That felt a bit overwhelming to me. I didn’t know what to choose and ended up leaving the site. I don’t want my visitors to feel that way. So, what’s a good number to aim for?

    • Cindy says

      Great question Avery! I think you can offer a lot of different packages as long as you keep them organized. One big long list will be overwhelming, I agree. But if you look at my services site ( I’ve got packages organized by category, so (to me at least) it doesn’t feel so confusing.

      • Angela Wills says

        I agree with Cindy, you can do as many packages as you want as long as they are organized and they make sense to your target market.

        If you understand your market and their needs then your packages should really speak to them and make sense to them. If they don’t make sense or are confusing, then you’ve likely got some work to do to make sure you’re speaking their language.


  2. Christine says

    HI Cindy,
    I’m just starting out my VA business and I was wondering if I should be offering just packages from the beginning, or should I still offer hourly rates?

    Thanks so much,

    • Cindy says

      Hi Christine, congrats on your new business! I think a mix of the two is a good way to go, with extra padding in the hourly rates to a (1) ensure you’re making a solid profit and (2) encourage clients to buy the packages instead.

    • Angela Wills says

      Ok I might be starting a trend here where I just follow Cindy around and agree but she did say I’d be here to leave my advice as well.

      I agree a mix is a good idea. Also at first you may need to do more hourly until you get a good feel for how you can leverage your time effectively and put it into packages as well as you may need to work with clients for a while before you can figure out what packages are best to offer them. That can often come from client feedback and what they are struggling with or need.

  3. Mary Carlson says

    Thank you for this opportunity! I’m still a little confused about pricing as a virtual assistant so any information would be very valuable!

  4. says

    I know I need to create packages. I know that they will benefit me in the long run, BUT I can not wrap my head around the set up. I can NOT get out of the dollars for hours thought process.

    When I’m creating packages, I think ok x project usually takes me this long, so at my hourly rate that’s this much. But if it takes me this much longer then I might only make $10 an hour! That doesn’t work. So I pad the packages “just in case” but then I think, but what if I get a dream client. And it only takes this long. So now I’m making $100 an hour. Wow! That’s great! But wait, that’s not fair to them.

    It’s a vicious circle I can not find my way out of.

      • says

        Thanks for the link! A lesson I need to get through my head for sure. I’m just not getting it through my head. I have a poor person’s mentality I think I’ve heard it described as.

        I’m finally getting to being comfortable with my posted rate and not discounting all the time, but wrapping my head around this package thing is taking some time for sure.

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