Help! My Amember Quit Working!

That’s a call I’ve received four times in the last week. I don’t know what exactly is causing it (I suspect it’s an update or upgrade to Apache on the hosting account, but I can’t prove that), but I do know how to fix it.

Keep reading if this has happened to you or your client.

The Symptom

In Amember 4.x (it may happen in 3.x as well, but I haven’t seen it) an installation that previously worked is now returning 404 errors. Affiliate links don’t work; you can’t get to the admin panel; you can’t make any money.


Turns out it’s a simple solution – here’s how to fix it:

Log into your cPanel either directly or via SFTP and navigate to your Amember directory. If you installed this as is, the directory will be called amember, but some people like to rename it to “orders” or “members” or something similar.

Inside that folder, find the .htaccess file.

Since this is a “hidden” file (has a dot at the beginning) you might not be able to see it. To fix that, when you click on File Manager in cPanel, be sure you check the box that says “View hidden files (dotfiles).”

Check the box to show hidden files

If you’re using FTP, some hosts will not show you hidden files unless you log in via SFTP.

Once you find the .htaccess file, look for a line that says “# RewriteBase /amember”. The hashtag in front tells the server software to ignore this line, so remove the “#” to force the server to pay attention.

Edit the RewriteBase line

Then change /amember to match the directory where your Amember is installed. In this case, the directory is “members”.

Save the file, and your Amember should start working again.

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