How to Reduce Email Marketing Mishaps

Today I got an odd-looking email from PayPal. No, it wasn’t a phishing scam (though I get plenty of those as well, and some of them are pretty convincing). This one really did come from PayPal, and it had a huge, glaring error. Can you spot it?


How’s that for a friendly greeting?

Truth be told, though, PayPal is not the only company (though they may be the largest) I’ve ever seen make such a faux pas. Plenty of marketers have made this – and many other – embarrassing mistakes. I’ve made a few myself.

Testing, Testing, 1…2…3…

Here’s how to avoid it the next time you send an email. Simply send yourself a test message.

If you’re using AWeber, it’s super easy:

Once you’ve created your email, click the test button in the upper right corner of the screen.


Then fill in your details, including (1) your address and (2) your name, if you’re using personalization in your email.


Click send, and check your inbox. Once you receive your test email, be sure to check:

  • Links – this will help avoid the embarrassing follow-up “Oops” email.
  • Spelling and grammar – it never hurts to take a second read-through.
  • Any personalizations, so you don’t end up sending an email that says “Hi {firstname}”.

MailChimp, iContact, ConstantContact and other systems all have similar testing features, and if you make it a point to test each and every email before you send it, you’ll greatly reduce your own email marketing mishaps.

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