Creating an Opt-In Incentive

giftAmazon has one. Your favorite blogger has one. Even your local veterinarian has one.

I’m talking about mailing lists, and you need one, too. It’s the number one way to easily stay in touch with your clients and potential clients, let them know about special deals and open hours, and get them thinking about new projects.

But quite a few virtual assistants get stuck when it comes to creating a list for their business. They think they won’t have anything to say. They worry that no one will subscribe. And they don’t know what on earth they’ll offer (or where they’ll find the time to create it) someone to encourage them to drop an email address in the form.

Message to Market Match

Here’s the first thing to keep in mind. No matter what your sign-up incentive, it must match your market. If your clients are primarily business coaches, a report on Kindle publishing may or may not hit home, but an audio about work/life balance sure would. Just be sure to tie any incentive directly into your services.

So that audio about finding balance? Make sure it heavily promotes how a well-trained VA can save time and money, and make life easier for client.

Solve a Problem

What’s the biggest issue your clients face? Do they struggle with technology? Sales pages not converting? No traffic?

Whatever the problem is, a report, audio, or video that presents a solution is always going to be a hit.

Checklists and Worksheets

Attention spans are short. People love scannable content they can take action on quickly, and checklists and worksheets fit the bill. Some ideas:

  • “Hire a VA” interview questions. Teach them how to find, interview, and hire a virtual assistant.
  • Project planning worksheet. Give them a project outline to help them save time when assigning work.
  • Top resources guide. Do you often make recommendations for shopping carts, affiliate programs, hosting companies, or other services? Create an easy-to-scan guide to help your clients make a decision.

Repurpose Your Best Content

No time to write/record/edit something new? I get it. We’re all busy. But you probably already have a great deal of information at your fingertips.

Blog posts you’ve written, emails you’ve sent, and interviews you given can all be quickly turned into an opt-in incentive. Just package them up and go.

The bottom line? Don’t sweat it too much. Get something up and tweak it later if you need to. Just start.

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