Using WordPress Child Themes


Perhaps the greatest benefit of using WordPress to run your website is the ease with which you can change the look of the site. Pick a new theme, and presto! A whole new look. Or dig into the style.css to adjust the colors of your links or change the headline style to a more pleasing … [Read more...]

How WordPress Works


You probably use it every day, but do you really know how it works? Once you have a basic understanding of the relationship between the various parts that make up WordPress, you'll be much more confident in your work. Suddenly, changing a widget or updating your theme won't seem so scary. What … [Read more...]

WordPress Automatic Updates? Yikes!


I always look forward to the latest and greatest WordPress release. They add cool new features like the ability to easily embed videos, or improved revision control. But this time, I think they may have dropped the ball. I just don't think the world is ready for automatic updates. Personally, … [Read more...]