How to Use Video on Your Website


Based on the new plugins and apps I’ve seen advertised in the past few weeks, it’s pretty clear that video is hot. Sales pages, blog posts, information products, and even podcasts are all using video. Maybe you’re even thinking about using it on your site.   But even though you can … [Read more...]

Super Simple Cart Setup


For selling things online - whether physical goods, digital downloads, or services - you really can't get much simpler than PayPal. Create a button, copy the code, paste it on your sales page, and you're done. But if you want to do anything fancy, such as offer coupons, protect your downloadable … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Email Marketing Mishaps


Today I got an odd-looking email from PayPal. No, it wasn't a phishing scam (though I get plenty of those as well, and some of them are pretty convincing). This one really did come from PayPal, and it had a huge, glaring error. Can you spot it? How's that for a friendly greeting? Truth be told, … [Read more...]

Creating a New FTP User


From a security standpoint, it's never a good idea to give someone more access than they need to your website or hosting account. But that's exactly what I see people do all the time. For example, a client needs me to upload a file to her website, so she sends me the admin-level user name and … [Read more...]

Help! My Amember Quit Working!

Check the box to show hidden files

That's a call I've received four times in the last week. I don't know what exactly is causing it (I suspect it's an update or upgrade to Apache on the hosting account, but I can't prove that), but I do know how to fix it. Keep reading if this has happened to you or your client. The Symptom In … [Read more...]