Body Language : How It Shapes Your Business Success


Have you ever really thought about what your body language conveys to another person? What does your body language tell YOU about yourself?

When you are in an environment where others are around, do you fold up and make yourself small or spread out and make your presence known?

The body language we use speaks volumes to those around us. Being the business owners that we are, it’s important to use that to our full advantage in a positive way.

I Work Online ~ This Doesn’t Affect Me.

Oh but it does. Think about this. As Virtual Assistants, how do we get clients? Through networking, live events, local meetups, etc. The body language we use when we interact with others has a huge impact on the way our peers, coaches, and potential clients see us.

If we don’t feel confident we tend to use very low power, negative body language that won’t give a very good first impression. The bad things is, most of the time we don’t even realize we are doing it.

When I came across this TED talk, I was immediately floored by how negative my own body language was. It was a true eye-opener to me. I’m hoping that this will encourage you to fully recognize the positive or negative impact your own body language is having on your success both personally and professionally.

Take 20 minutes out of your day and watch ~ you won’t be sorry!

~ Kristin


Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are


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