What’s Your Excuse?


Are These Excuses Holding You Back from Real Business Success? “I can’t spend time marketing my business because I have to help the kids with their homework/bake cookies for church/brush the dog/name your distraction here.” “I can’t find a new client because I don’t know where to look/I don’t know … [Read more...]

7 Things Successful VAs Do Differently


This is a blog post written by Cindy Bidar a few years ago, and it is still very accurate today :) Great reminders on how we can set ourselves apart from VA's who are not so successful. It’s the same in nearly every industry. Some businesses are incredibly successful, some seem to have chronic … [Read more...]

Open House ~ Final day

Happy Friday! Welcome to the 5th and final day of the Educated VA Open House It's been such a great week and I'm so excited to share all of this with you! Congratulations to Teresa Clark, winner of the Day 4 giveaway of the Build a Rockin VA Biz Bootcamp! Today is the last day of our … [Read more...]

Open House ~ Day 4

Happy Thursday Everyone and Welcome to Day 4 of the Educated VA Open House! Congratulations to yesterdays DAILY giveaway winner, Gina Wagner! As a reminder, this week we are doing a daily giveaway of one of the Educated VA products ~ simply subscribe to the Educated VA newsletter, like the … [Read more...]

Open House ~ Day 3

Hi there and welcome to Day 3! It's so crazy how fast this week is going! I want to send out another congratulations to our two winners for the Daily Giveaway on Monday and Tuesday, Amanda Ramsey and Brenda Keller! Simply by being Educated VA subscribers, they were able to win and you can … [Read more...]

Open House ~ Day 2


Hi there! I want to welcome you to Day 2 of the Educated VA Open House! Yesterday just flew by! Having 2 year old twin boys at home makes every day seem like a blur and I completely forgot to announce the winner of our FREE Giveaway last night! I will be sending out an email and Facebook post … [Read more...]

Open House Kickoff – Day 1


Hi everyone! We are kicking off Day 1 of the Educated VA Open House and I'm so excited to share it with you ~ Every morning I will be putting the spotlight on one of the valuable products offered at the Educated VA and how it can best help you and your business. In addition to that, there … [Read more...]