This is a blog post written by Cindy Bidar a few years ago, and it is still very accurate today :) Great reminders on how we can set ourselves apart from VA’s who are not so successful.

It’s the same in nearly every industry.

Some businesses are incredibly successful, some seem to have chronic problems. For every Starbucks, there are dozens – or maybe hundreds – of coffee shops that didn’t make it.

What is it that sets the successful VA’s apart from those that struggle for years and/or end up quitting? The following 7 Daily Habits can make all the difference, starting with Attitude and Mindset.

  1. They mind their attitude. Always be helpful, always stay positive, avoid the drama. Negative, judgmental, self-deprecating thoughts and comments only serve to attract more of the same. No, this is not some airy-fairy “law of attraction” thinking. See number 7 below.
  2. They offer help freely. I’ve said before that your knowledge and experience is the sharpest tool in your marketing toolbox. Spread it around, and you will have more work than you can manage. Answer questions on forums and social media, be willing and available to offer advice in your areas of expertise, and don’t forget to share good info on your blog.
  3. They know and respect their own skills. Don’t undervalue your services. Price accordingly, and have the confidence to know you’re worth what you’re charging. It’s okay if you choke a little when you quote your rates. That just means you’re in the right ballpark. And if a potential client cannot see your value, then they are not your ideal customer anyway.
  4. They don’t take on work they don’t enjoy. Seek out work you like doing from clients you love to work with, and you’ll automatically be more successful. Here’s why: You will procrastinate on the work you don’t love (ask me how I know), you won’t do your best, and your clients won’t be best pleased with the results. Will they fire you? Probably not. But they won’t go to great lengths to keep you on board, either.
  5. They treat their business like a business. It may not be sexy or fun, but rigorously tracking your hours, your income and your bills will help you set goals and make good business decisions. Make a weekly appointment with yourself to review the previous week’s work, what needs to happen in the week ahead, and to update your bookkeeping system.
  6. They never stop learning. When you work online, one thing is certain: change happens fast. Whether it’s the software you use (how many changes have you seen to WordPress in the last year?) or the marketing methods your clients are implementing, you need to stay on top of the changes.
  7. They surround themselves with other successful people. You know that old saying, “If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas”? It might be a little crude, but it’s the absolute truth. You become who you spend time with. If you spend time with whiny, toxic people, you will not be as successful as you can be. But if you hang out with positive, energetic people, all of that goodness and energy will rub off on you.

Are you practicing these 7 habits of successful virtual assistants? 

What are some other ways you are working to improve your skill set and advance your business? :)

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