12 Reasons to Mail Your List

questionThe biggest objection service providers have when asked if they’re building a mailing list is generally, “But what will I mail to them?”

If you’ve ever caught yourself saying that, here are 12 ideas – this will keep your mailing list active for at least 3 months. Then just rinse and repeat.

  1. New services – Did you just learn a new skill or add something to your service offerings? Let your mailing list know. You never know who needs your help with a new project.
  2. Software updates – Whether you work with WordPress, 1 Shopping Cart, Mail Chimp or any other software, there is always a new update. And if you’re not letting your current and potential clients know about it, you’re doing them a disservice.
  3. Industry news – Keep current with news that affects your client base, such as upcoming industry events, and tell your subscribers. This will help establish you as a go-to resource and grow your expert status.
  4. Client kudos – Did a client get the attention of the press or win an award? Even if it’s not directly related to anything you did, you can still tell your readers. Everyone likes to get a virtual pat on the back.
  5. New projects you’re proud of – Show off your latest video editing job or website design project. You never know when it might spark someone else’s imagination and turn into a paying gig for you.
  6. Recognition you’ve received – Don’t be too shy to blow your own horn. If you’ve been recognized for an achievement, won an award, or received certification in something, tell your subscribers.
  7. Events you’ll be attending – If you’re heading to a live event (and you should) be sure to let your subscribers know. If they’re also attending, a face-to-face meeting can often turn a potential client into a current customer.
  8. Cool tools – Seems like every day some new plugin for WordPress changes the way we do business online. Tell your customers about the ones you find, and how they can help make life easier.
  9. Your availability – Got available time in your schedule? Let your list know. Chances are at least a few of them have tasks they’d like to get done.
  10. Holiday schedules – If you’ll be offline for more than a day or so, send an email out to your subscribers, with a hint that they should schedule their work sooner rather than later.
  11. Packages you offer – A gentle reminder from time to time about the various services and packages you offer is a good way to bring in some added business.
  12. Discounts – Running a special? Tell the world! But start with your mailing list.

Don’t have a list yet? Stick around, because tomorrow we’ll talk about great sign-up incentives for service providers to help grow a responsive mailing list.

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