It might seem like a dream job to your friends and family who still face a daily commute, but those of us in the work-at-home world know better.

In this episode of The Educated VA Podcast, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest bummers solo-business owners face.

Today’s Tip

Everyone needs more press, and your clients are no different. One of the easiest ways to find opportunities for getting in front of larger audience is a subscription site called HARO.

Short for Help a Reporter Out, this service sends daily emails with press opportunities in a variety of markets. It’s great for finding journalists and bloggers who are looking for a quick quote or in-depth interview.

Not only that, but forwarding the relevant information to your clients lets them know you have their best interests in mind all the time.


We love the freedom, the unlimited earning potential, and lack of dress code that comes from being self-employed, but there are plenty of less-than-ideal aspects as well.

  • Better pay? Indeed. Except when it’s not.
  • No boss? You bet. Now you have seven.
  • And remember that thing you used to say about hating sales? That’s a luxury you can no longer afford.

If you’re considering making the leap into self-employment, plug in your earbuds and listen up, because it’s not all rainbows and happiness on this side of the cubicle wall.

This Week’s Business Building Resource

Who doesn’t love free Kindle books? Today I found two resources that will search for free and discounted offers in a variety of categories, including business and marketing. Perfect for the solo-business owner on a budget. requires a registration, but they send out a daily email with a list of free and low-cost Kindle books in the categories you choose. This one is primarily fiction, but I have found some good how-to guides here as well. compiles huge lists of free Kindle books in dozens of categories. Today I downloaded a guide on real estate investing, and one about general business from Johnny B. Truant.

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Help a Reporter Out


Free Book Sifter

Your Turn

What’s the biggest bummer you encountered when you started your virtual assistant business? Were you surprised? Share in the comments!


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