Educated VA #1: I’ve Got Things to Say


I’ve been putting this off for a long time, but the fact is, I’ve got things to say, and a podcast is the way to say them.

So welcome to the Educated VA podcast, episode one. I’m so glad you’ve found this!

Each Sunday evening, I’ll be uploading a new episode, in which we’ll chat about running a thriving virtual assistant business, how to work from home successfully, and other topics of interest to you.

This week is all about ME though. Who I am, why I am here, and I even talk a bit about taking my own advice. Give a listen, and if you like what you hear, you might want to consider subscribing in iTunes.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Breitenbach 





  1. says

    Awesome first podcast Cindy! It sounds like you have some great stuff to share with us VAs! I look forward to your future episodes! 😀

    • Cindy says

      Thanks Tishia! I’ve got plenty of ideas, so I’m definitely going to be producing a lot more episodes!

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